Speaker Series

No. 1: Making Scent-tech together

Our first speaker series event.


Multisensorial Realities

Creative examples of the use of olfaction in immersive experiences, in AR and VR

Bio: Emerging Tech adventurer and XR Creator, Priscilla Koukoui is the Founder of OviSquare.com, a company shaping the Future of XR (VR/AR) Business mainly for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), and re-imagining Entertainment by crafting meaningful multisensory XR stories.
She leads multi-functional teams through complex digital transformation and the creation of innovative solutions delighting customers.
Location: Sydney, AU

Behind the Scenes of Hackaroma,
the digital scent hackathon.

CHU BAO TRUNG AromaJoin | LinkedIn
We here at Aromajoin organized Hackaroma, an online hackathon where participants had a chance to develop prototypes with Aroma Shooters triggered through the Internet.

Bio: This talk is a summary of insights about the event from the perspective of an organizer.
Trung (pronounced “Choon”) is from Vietnam and currently the Software Engineering Manager of the Japan-based digital scent startup Aromajoin.
Location: Tokyo

Scent Sensing: Aroma Discord Reading Group

JAS BROOKS (University of Chicago)
Scent Sensing is a text channel and reading group in the Aroma Discord, devoted to learning and discussing how people are trying to make computers smell and how to apply this technology. The talk will cover the reading group’s structure and future goals.

Bio: Jas Brooks is a PhD student at the University of Chicago. Their research focuses on the engineering interactive devices that directly modulate our chemical senses (smell & taste).

Location: New Mexico | Chicago

About the event

Moderator: Chach Sikes, Redbeak Studio | LinkedIn
Event Date: September 23, 2020
Hosted on Zoom at 12:00 a.m. GMT
Participants: About 30

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September 30, 2020

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