Speaker Series

No. 2: scent + tech + future healthcare

Our second speaker series event.


Scent, Odor, Aroma: The unexplored part of the Internet of Things

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, (She/her) — Copenhagen, Denmark

Scent Tech emerged in the 1950’s with Scent-O-Vision, and in recent years, has experienced a resurgence of intrigue among hardware developers as they begin to play with new sensors and actuators, to explore how we might use scent in Interaction Design.
In this talk, we’ll take a peek at the history of scent in technology and look to where it’s headed, once we understand the landscape, we can begin exploring how this re-emerging technology can be used in the technologies we’re developing for the near future.

About Vanessa
From Canada, Vanessa moved to Sweden for a Master’s of Interaction Design. She joined illutron , a floating maker space in Denmark & amidst fire cannons, dancers, computer controlled lights, sounds and robots, she co-created a community of Makers, tinkerers, nerds, thinkers, and creatives throughout Scandinavia. Vanessa’s PhD is about Designing for Meaningfulness in future smart products and she founded Kintsugi Design, a design and technology studio focusing on meaningfulness in emerging technologies to help companies create their futures. Vanessa also started the Nordic Women in Hardware group and co-writes “Greater Spaces” a blog about women in tech.
Instagram: @kintsugidesignstudio

Smell & Health: Smell Clues

Olivia Jezler (She/her) — New York, NY, USA
Odors and our ability to detect them can hold clues into the state of our health. Disease-specific smells can be used as indicators for further investigation and the same holds true for when our ability to detect smells decreases. How can this be applied today, tomorrow and in the future?
Olivia Jezler. founder of Future of Smell , investigates applications for smell and helps brands enhance customer experience through scent & smell based technologies.

Olfactory Virtual Reality and Mental Health: a clinical pilot study

Sarah Socia (she/her) — Burlington, VT, USA
OVR Technology is collaborating with Dr. David Tomasi at the University of Vermont Medical Center to study the effects of Olfactory Virtual Reality in correlation with wellbeing and pain, stress and anxiety in an inpatient setting.
Sarah Socia is the VP of Scentware at OVR Technology in Burlington Vermont.

About the event

Moderator: Chach Sikes, Redbeak Studio | LinkedIn
Event Date: March 5, 2021
Hosted on Zoom at 5:00 p.m. GMT
Participants: About 42

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